February Wrap Up 2017


Wow where even did February go? The last week of Summer has just passed for us here in Australia, which is literally my favourite time of year, so I’m a little sad (boo). I’m also combating this with new book purchases though….(emotional spending). I’m starting to find this year that I’ve branched out a bit with my reading; I’ve become interested in poetry, some historical texts, and am following my curiosity about yoga with some books that get a bit deeper into it’s creation and zen philosophy. Should be interesting, huh?

February Books


…Let’s talk about the books I read.

  • Roman Poems – Pier Pasolini
    Pasolini is one of my favourite poets. This edition provided both the original Italian poems, as well as a side by side translation in English, which meant that I could read and appreciate the flow of both versions of the poems. My favourite is ‘The Lament of the Excavator” which is what inspired me to buy this collection in the first place. Paolini’s work is melancholic but beautiful, and I’m hoping I can read a bit more poetry just like it this year.
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – Douglas Adams
    Oddly, I read the second book in this series long before the first, and so I was disappointed that I liked it so much better. This original does supply a whole lot of backstory on Dirk which we don’t see revisited at all in the sequel, but I felt like the story took a long time to get going, and whilst the writing *is* very typical of Douglas Adams (clever, witty) the story was a bit flat for me.
  • The Unbound (Archive #2) – Victoria Schwab
    Actually very dark and gritty, but this was achieved very well through consistent writing and well thought out plot progression. It was a solid sequel/finale for this series, and whilst I feel that more could be gleamed from the world that Schwab has created here, I was satisfied with the end.
  • The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet – Becky Chambers
    Totally different from how I expected! Sort of a combination of slice of life Star Trek meets adult humour. Some great perspectives were cultivated, a look at society from different angles and all the kinds of issues multiple species could face. I wasn’t even all that interested in the ‘arrival’ at the final destination, as the story is much more about the individual characters, their quirks and little secrets.


That’s all for now guys, I’ve got to make some time to update the blog banners and graphics, but reading is still my priority—I’ll get around to it eventually!

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