January Wrap Up 2017

Happy New Year readers! It’s already February and I’m having such a hard time finding…well, time! Now that I’m working full time, things seem crazy and I’m still adjusting to new routines and ways of doing and being myself. I’m still reading, of course (hooray!) but I’m sure all these things will modify how I run this blog somewhat.

I have once again signed myself up for the Goodreads Reading Challenge, which makes it my third year participating. I can now theoretically actually afford the books I want to buy, so I’m hoping this means that I’ll be able to read lots of new books that I’ve previously held off on. Already I have a bucket list developing, which I’ll talk about later too.

Last year I not only successfully completed the Goodreads Challenge, but I also managed to complete the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge too! Still not quite sure how, haha. In terms of extra challenges this year, I think I just want to keep things really simple and relaxed. Work is going to be really stressful, so I’m going to need my reading habits to be able to balance that out.

My reading ‘resolutions’ this year are:

  • To read whatever brings me joy, regardless of academic or literary ‘value’
  • Read more Pratchett. Period.
  • Catch up on some series, because I have quite a few ongoing from 2016

And I think that’s all pretty solid! What do you think?

January Books

I had every intention of posting my TBR post early in January, however the draft actually sat here, forgotten, until I was preparing to write my wrap up for the month! Oopsie…

…Let’s talk about the books I read.

  • Mostly Void, Partially Stars – Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor
    There’s always some small concern when converting from one medium to another (in this case, a podcast turned book), but I thought that this installment (containing the first year of Welcome to Nightvale episodes) was fantastic. Obviously, WTNV is decided to be received in audio format, and so you do miss out on the lovely voice acting and musical segments, but what you get in return is some truly insightful commentary from the authors, actors and contributors to the show that add new depth to the series. It was also a fantastic way to revisit old stories in a quicker manner than relistening through 30+ episodes again. The illustrations were also lovely.
  • The Archived – Victoria Schwab
    I’ve wanted to read this series for such a long time, especially since Schwab is one of my favourite authors, with some highly anticipated releases coming out soon. Archived really pulled me in and held my attention throughout the book, with each new plot twist or mystery being revealed at just the right time. I felt that the writing style matched well for the protagonist’s age and personality, and am quite interested to see what transpires in the follow-up novel.
  • Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton
    I loved this book! It seemed just a wee bit dragged out toward the end, but overall I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this read. Crichton incorporated a whole lot of scientific theory and research into this novel and it really gave a great sense of depth and insight into each of the characters and plausability of a reality where Jurassic Park could exist.
  • Yoga for Beginners – Cory Martin
    So I’ve recently taken up yoga! Since doing so I’ve been really curious about some of the thought or beliefs behind the practice, and have been looking into literature and media to try and satisfy that curiosity. I actually read this book cover to cover, and loved the way that Cory explains concepts in such a relaxed, beginner-friendly manner. As a beginner, I felt that it explained all the basics that I wanted to know more about, and then gave me great new starting points for future research.


That’s all for now guys, I’ve got to make some time to update the blog banners and graphics, but reading is still my priority—I’ll get around to it eventually!

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