Wrap Up – November 2016

Hullo lovely blog, I’ve not abandoned you yet! Whilst I didn’t read a huge number of books this month, I completed some fairly large ones (see below :P) and am fairly chuffed about it. December is upon us now, and I’m going to endeavour to set myself a strict TBR list for the final month of 2016.

{Books Read in November}

For the month of November, I managed to complete a total of books!

  • A Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin
    Comments: I have finally completed the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and I’m really quite proud of the fact. The writing is slow paced, but overall a lot of things are building and happening all at once. George R.R. Martin skilfully manages to balance a great number of diverse characters simultaneously, and that’s no small feat at all. The world building was also really well done in that it is subtle and consistent all throughout the book. I think I just needed a bit more action, which this book felt like it was laying the groundwork for.
  • So Long and Thanks For All the Fish (Hitchhikers #4) – Douglas Adams
    Comments: I really thought that this was the perfect ‘end’ to the Hitchhiker’s saga. Once again, a short novel and yet it had me laughing from the first page. In-jokes were established very quickly and executed skilfully.
  • American Monsters (Demon Road #3) – Derek Landy
    My rating for this keeps changing as I remember one thing or another. At some points of this book, it was a strong 4 stars, and at others, maybe a 3…I feel like this says a lot, particularly as the book is only 300 ish pages, and I finished it easily in a single day. The major pro was that I could never predict what was going to happen, and some twists really came out of nowhere. The pace was quick, with a lot of little mini-adventures squeazed into such a small book. However, a couple of events that occurred didn’t make a lot of sense to me, and the sudden death of certain characters (if you’ve read this book you’ll know) seemed…convenient for the plot?
  • Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) – Sarah J. Maas
    Diving right back into this series, Empire of Storms started out very strongly, if a teensy bit slow. It also took me a little bit of time to remember what actually happened in the previous book, especially with quite a few events and/or characters being referenced here and there. I felt that the previous books in the series were getting progressively more interesting and intense as they went along, however this installment was a bit of a drop overall for me. Still an enjoyable read for me, but as a reader we don’t gain a lot of character development. Instead though, a lot of loose ends begin to weave together, and a few long running mysteries are solved, which were much needed.


  • Harry Potter e La Pietra Filosofale – J.K. Rowling [15%]
    Enjoying this much the same as the English version. Unlike the original however, it takes much more concentration and longer for me to read, because my Italian skills aren’t the best. I’m going to do my best to complete this read before the new year.

Total books read in 2016:
Goodreads Challenge Progress : 65 out of 50 books pledged.


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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/ThatsDatsu


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