Golden Son by Pierce Brown: thoughts, rather than a review

In an effort to combat my inactivity around here, I want to offer my thoughts on books that I’m currently reading, but don’t have the proper time to review at the moment. Consider this a spoiler warning just in case things get a little bit crazy up in here.

Golden Son (Red Rising #2) by Pierce Brown


  • This book is a sequel, but I feel as though we’ve missed a novella in between books #1 and #2.
  • Darrow’s stagnation, despite being understandable when you consider the grander scheme of things he is trying to achieve, makes for slow reading
  • I really, really struggle with the size of the cast in this one. Pretty sure I had The Jackal and Sevro and Tactus all mixed up for a while there.
  • I think I just assumed that everyone died in book #1.
  • The big ‘plot twists’ have not been twists so much as “shock” moments that left me a little….cringey? (Like NO PIERCE BROWN, don’t cheapen it! cringey.)
  • The writing is still great, the protagonist is observational, bitter, crudely hypocritical at times, but the reader can always see the motivation behind his decisions
  • Still unsure how I feel about the potential ‘love interest(s)’, especially with how Darrow was married before. But it’s also neat that Darrow struggles with this too, and he’s wholly aware of the situation he’s potentially walking into.
  • Protagonist isn’t an idiot, thank the powers that be. I find it really hard to rally behind a character who does stupid stuff all the time
  • Though to be honest I would just have stabbed everyone by now, poisoned all the water sources, cut the power, and been on my merry way
  • Just sayin’

Rating? I’m still 50 pages out, but I’m pretty confident that it’s going to be 4★ from me.

avatarThanks for bearing with me content-wise. This little post was really fun to do actually, do contribute your thoughts if you’ve also read this series!
-Datsu xox



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