Mid-Year Reading Updates

Now that the midway point of 2016 is upon us (I know, right??) I thought this might be a good time to do a bit of an overall progress update to see where things are at reading wise, as well as to get myself back into the zone for these challenges.

This post will be a general update on:

  • My Goodreads Challenge
  • 2016 Bucketlist
  • MMD Challenge
  • TBR Pile


Okay sGR Challenge.jpgo huge surprise, but as I write this I’ve read 42 out of the 50 books I set for myself this year. Woops, haha. It’s a good feeling though, and also nice to know that I can still maintain a reading habit even with all the things I’ve had going on.

I’m thinking it’s a relatively safe bet to extend this goal to 100 books, but I’m already happy that I’m set to achieve my 2016 goal as it stands. :)

Bucket List 2016 blog

There’s roughly 56 books on my 2016 book bucketlist, of which I’ve read 22. Not quite half, but a few of the books on this list are coming up on my TBR anyway, so I’m actually not too worried! That being said, I can already tell that there are a few books I don’t feel so much like reading anymore, and may not get read this year at all.

{Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge 2016}

mmd june

I appear to be right on track for theΒ Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge, selecting one challenge each month and using that to supplement my Goodreads challenge. It is definitely helping to keep things a bit more interesting, and looking ahead at some of the tougher challenges, I just know that this will continue to be the case.






{My TBR Pile}

tbr pile

Yup. This is my mountain to climb. In total there’s a backlog of about 24 books here that I need to read, some of which have been in this pile for quite some time (*cough cough* Talon series). I’m also trying not to allow myself to purchase any new books until this pile has been reduced (ideally, halved).
Whilst my TBR on Goodreads is actually much, much higher (350 last I checked), I’d be quite content with reducing the number of books I own but have not read. Due to this, I’ll be dedicating one full week of my July holidays to my own personal read-a-thon where I’m going to try and finish as many books as possible from this pile. My July shortlist will also be comprised of books from this pile! I’ve still yet to decide which, but I’m pumped up, woo!

avatarWell that just about does it! I’m in a good place with my reading right now I think, though I did slump a little in May. I’d also like to get back into doing reading tags, and continue with the occasional book review because I’m actually enjoying them. I’m just excited to read, and excited to buy more books for sure.

Bookstagram: https://www.instagram.com/datsureads/
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/datsudream
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/ThatsD


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