How has reading changed your life?

Wow, there’s an extra week this month (in terms of how my posting schedule lines up, anyway). So I wanted some time to talk about reading again, but in a more conversational format.

Everyone reads for different reasons, and in different ways. Some of us binge-read, some like to take it slow, others like to re-read the same book  a hundred times. We read at different times of the day, for different durations and at different speeds.

Which positions me to ask; How has reading changed your life? Or to look at it differently, How is your life different, because of your reading habits?

A Learning Journey

The reason I read right now is quite unspecific. After completing over a hundred books last year, I found it to be such an educational, broadening of the mind, that I want to encourage and support that as much as possible. I want to know about new authors, genres, fandoms and communities built around these books and stories. After reading Magonia last year I fell in love with the poems of E.E.Cummings, Anna & The French Kiss gave me insight into the cultural landscape of Paris, a place I never thought I’d want to visit–but now totally, totally do. There are probably a million more examples, but what I’m trying to say is that by reading-and continuing that reading- I’m learning and growing a new sense of curiosity for the world that I think I lost for a while there.


Reading changed my life in this sense in a big way. I managed to cultivate a reading habit again in spite of all the new stresses popping up in my life, but also because of them. Some nights I can’t sleep because my mind is still working at a million miles an hour, but reading can help to escape from that hectic mindset and just settle.
Sometimes when uni work is really stressing me out, I’ll just stop for a while and go read a book. Stories are so transportive, my mind leaves my current space and just rests for a bit, and that’s just really refreshing and great for wellbeing.


So how has reading changed my life? Immeasurably. It’s unfathomable. Last year I took a break from the world, from study, from big time aspirations and just focused on the things closest to me. I started to read again, and for me it was probably personal therapy. I was feeling quite overwhelmed recently (as happens), and I finally just dropped everything and curled up with my current read (Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson) and forgot the world for a while, and it really helped.

Do you share any similar sentiments, people of WordPress? I’d love to know.
avatar-Datsu  xox


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