Reading More- Fighting the Slump Part 2

Hey WordPress! This month we return again to my thoughts on maintaining a reading habit, and fighting off the deadly reading slump. Last time I talked a bit about the things that really helped to kickstart my reading journey, including taking part in reading challenges, making sure I always had access to books, and the online book community itself.

This time I want to talk a bit more about fighting off the inevitable times where you just can’t seem to make any reading progress–your book isn’t appealing to you, or you just can’t seem to get into the swing of things. Of course, different people have different ways of dealing with this one, but these are my techniques.

{Keep Picking Up Those Books}

This is the one that’s really keeping me going right now; at the start of February I felt like I wanted to read everything but also nothing. I couldn’t figure out what I really wanted to read. So I just kept on picking up books. I’d get maybe 50 pages in and decide that I wasn’t really feeling it, so I’d abandon it and start over. And Over. In my experience you only have to finish one book to get going again.

If your usual genre isn’t working for you, or you just aren’t ready to continue on with that series, pick up something completely new. A light hearted contemporary, or a comedic biography. Maybe a short romance novel, even if that might not be your thing. You might find that the change in writing style, author or genre could be all you need to mix things up a little.

{Mix It Up}

Even if you really enjoy a particular kind of book, too much of the same thing could just be tiring you out. It’s the same as eating toast for every meal of the day :P

For example, I love to read Terry Pratchett’s books, but when I was in high school I tried to tacke a huge chunk of his Discworld series in one go, which really put me off reading for quite a while. Even though his books are all humorous and unique, I became restless reading too much of the same style of writing.

These days I try to have an even mix of stand alone novels, series, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary and a bit of romance in my TBR list, but am always looking for anything outside of that to keep things interesting.

{Read With Your Mood}

Whilst you may really, really want to finish that series you enjoyed last month, or have been looking forward to getting that new political novel that’s coming out in a few days, emotionally, your mind could be in a completely different place.

Despite setting reading goals for myself each month, I don’t expect to hold myself to them if I’m just not feeling drawn to any of the options. Sometimes you just have to follow your noggin.

{Book Podcasts}

Something else I’ve been exploring lately- free book pdocasts such as Papercuts Podcast, Hypable’s Book Hype and Dear Book Nerd  are another great way to engage with the book community. If you enjoy book discussions on Youtube or online book clubs/forums as methods to hear about general book news or recommendations.

{Read-a-thons, Read-a-longs}

Another good way to engage in the book community and set some goals for yourself- reading events such as read-a-thons. These are especially great if you find year long challenges or bucket lists to be too big of a commitment or too restrictive. There are so many of these events across the year with different themes, challenges and hosts. One of the best features these days is that online read-a-thons have online hosts that live-tweet and post video updates during events.

I’ve found a great online directory posted by Little Book Owl on Goodreads here.

{The Library}

The Library is a really great option because of the huge range of books directly available to you. I went to my local last week and just checked out a huge bunch of random books that I’d heard of, wanted to read, or thought looked good. This gave me a much wider ranger of choices when trying to get into a reading groove. Also great for when you really need to have a physical book to read, but have no money to go out and buy a bunch.


{Blog/Tweet/Post About It}

Also worth mentioning– this blog. (Any outlet works, but for me, that’s this blog). It keeps me monitoring my own reading goals, tracking my challenges, reflecting on books I’ve read or want to read, and is


{Do Something Completely Different….For A Bit}

An oldie but a goodie. It might seem entirely counterproductive, but sometimes we just need to clear our minds and get some new creative processes going. Go for a run, jump up and down, paint, watch tv, relax or just get some fresh air in those lungs! I myself have a short attention span, and myself can’t often sit and read during the day for a long period of time, or hang around the house for too long without getting stir-crazy, and changing things up for a bit can be just the thing to bring you back with a fresh mind.

Warning: Doing so for too long (i.e avoiding reading) can actually make it harder to get back into reading.

And so that wraps up my series on building reading habits and keeping them. It has helped to get these ideas down in writing for my own personal reference, but I hope it can help others who might be struggling too.
avatar-Datsu xox



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