Favourite Series 2015

The last of my Favourites series for the year. I’m suffering from a *massive* case of need-to-read-everything disease right now, and there just isn’t enough time to read it all! Hopefully I can keep it going through to the new year.
This time around, we’re taking a look at my most recommended series  to read, based on the ones I read or completed in 2015. I’m restricting it just to this year because I’m sure that some of these books will always be in my top favourites, which may take the fun out of things for next year :P

In 2015 I finished 14 book series, but still have a few ongoing (most of which have their final volumes releasing in 2016). I’m really proud of all the new authors and writing styles I’ve been exposed to this year, and think that all the variety has really helped me to rediscover a love for reading that I feared was long gone. Amongst these books though are some definite stand outs for me, and here’s why….

{Favourite Series of 2015}


#5: The Guardians of Childhood – William Joyce

The Guardians
Everything that I wanted  a childrens book series to be. The stories are original, entertaining and funny, something that a parent could enjoy just as much as their child. The art & illustrations were every inch as beautiful as the world that Joyce describes, and there is something to be said for characters with depth such as these. Guardians of Childhood set the bar so high for me that when I read other childrens books this year I often felt myself using these books as my basis for comparison. Absolutely recommend if you want to feel like a child again.

#4: Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Laini Taylor
daughter of smoke and bone

This series was described to me as a combination of Pan’s Labyrinth meets Supernatural and that is sort of true. I know that Smoke and Bone has received mixed reviews (you either love it or hate it) and at times I think I was a bit borderline. However. The series is a fantastic slow burn- it’s dark, magical, mysterious, and filled with so much original world building that before you know it, you’re in love with everything. The writing is so intense and poetic that for a quote fanatic like me, I couldn’t not read it through to the end. Personally, I could have done without the second installment (for the most part), but it was all worth it for Dreams of Gods and Monsters. I loved how everything wrapped up together in the end, and the writing in the last section just blew me away (I was in tears, and I had to go back and re-read a few parts to let it all sink in). A truly good book should move you, change your perspective in some way– which these all did, hands down.

#3: The Darkest Minds – Alexandra Bracken

darkest minds
The Darkest Minds got under my skin so completely that I had to limit myself to just one book a month, lest I drown in my feels. Not even kidding. Yes, it’s YA Dystopia, but the characters were beautiful, I loved to hate the baddies, and was really rooting for the good guys. The actual plot was original and intriguing enough that I was hooked very, very quickly. I found the first third of In the Afterlight to be quite slow, but once things got rolling it was a blast, and just so very satisfying. Furthermore, Bracken has published novellas which give further insight to the characters, and even a bit of a sneak peak at what the world is like after the main story wraps up.

#2: The Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvater

Raven CycleThe start of The Raven Boys was decidedly slow, but this pacing turns out to be quite necessary, as by the time the story properly kicks off  we have a really diverse cast of characters who have been properly fleshed out, and I loved them all. Every chapter is like a new puzzle piece that reveals a lot about these characters, as well as the kind of world the series is set in. What I found especially appealing about the Raven Cycle was how subtle the paranormal elements are, until they hit you right in the face. I love the relationships between every character, the writing style, the big reveals you don’t see coming, and Blue, for being a great protagonist. Please read it.

#1: Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

Throne of Glass Series
Kickass protagonist, kickass supporting characters, magic, mystery, death. What more could you possibly ask for? I marathoned these books in the space of about a month, and would do it again in a heart beat. The writing style is just so easy to devour and it’s not often that I can watch a character make decisions that I whole-heartedly understand like I do with Celaena. Every character has their strengths and weaknesses, and their flaws make them so human. I also really respect the way that relationships are handled and given time to develop properly (unlike a lot of YA). From personal experience I can also say that explaining this series, it’s plot line and characters is really, really difficult, because there are so many layers and elements at play at any one time, and that shows some really clever writing (and editing).

And that’s it! Done! Boom! Next week I’ll be wrapping up my December reading and preparing for my New Year Goals and Book Challenges for 2016. I’m already trying to prioritize which books series I should tackle first, and would happily take recommendations :)

In case I forget to say so, thank you to anyone reading this! I started this blog so I could motivate myself to read, talk about, and discover more books. Mostly I thought I would just ramble on to myself, but thanks to the online world of book bloggers, book clubs and Goodreads, my reading journey this year has been something else entirely. I hope to continue down the same exciting path in 2016!
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