National Novel Writing Month Update

Hey WordPress, it’s well and truly November!

And November is National Novel Writing Month.
On November 1st, I decided (very last minute and without a lot of forethought) to join in on NaNoWriMo for the first time (because why not?). It’s day 10 now and although I’m below the suggested word count, I’ve already made it to 12,000 words. That’s 12,000 more than I had before this month, and I’m actually incredibly proud that I’ve made it this far. I have no grand expectations of hitting the 50,000 word target, and don’t think it’s really going to be possible as I’m working 6 days a week at the moment, but I know I’m going to be happy with whatever I can get out.

Since it was a last minute decision, this year I’m writing the story of Forta Valentine, a Bounty Hunter who I’ve sort of had in my head as an OC for a little while, though I didn’t have too clear a picture of who she actually was. I’m three chapters in at the moment, and so far there are about seven characters who have joined the plot! It’s the furthest I’ve ever progressed in my independent writing so I’m sort of baffled at where these characters have come from and their progression so early into the process.

(I’m actually still trying to marathon the Throne of Glass series in anticipation of the Sarah J Maas signing I’m going to on the 24th, and balancing that with WriMo and work has been veeeeeery interesting indeed.)

That all said though, I’m finding that as I write I’m going to find out even more about my main characters and the world they live in, something that was actually really hard for me to envision before I started, and I’m okay with that. If anyone else is attempting WriMo this year, please feel free to add my as a writing buddy over on the official site. :)


-Datsu, xo


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