Craft Projects: Crochet Tea Cozy

Yup so it’s been a while (quite a long time really) since I shared anything crafty here, but I just finished a new project that I’m really quite fond of. I hadn’t picked up my crochet hooks in some time, and was desperate to get back into the creative process. I’ve never made a tea cozy before, but I was fortunate enough to stumble onto this page with a list of crochet tea cozy patterns.

As you might be able to tell, my eyes immediately jumped to the scalloped tea cozy pattern, as it was super vibrant and was made up of the same crocodile stitch I used before in my crocodile stitch gloves. Instead of the “scales” or “petals” being offset from one another, each row was exactly the same as the last, so the pattern seemed pretty simple to do.

The full pattern is available from Crochetroo‘s blog, and has been provided in both Australian and American instructions, which was SUPER helpful. For my tea cozy, I modified the pattern slightly and sealed the top of my cozy with a couple of roses (surprisingly easy to make!). The pattern I used for these was found on The Green Dragonfly‘s blog, where there is also a pattern for making leaves to accompany your roses!

tea cozy
I made my cozy over the course of two weeks, but this project could easily be completed in a single sitting if desired. I’m really pleased with the overall outcome, and am now hoping to make some mug warmers to match! :)


-Datsu xox


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