Adventures: Shou Sumiyaki

Hey WordPress!

A lot of my friends’ birthdays are in June, so it’s been a bit hectic this month. Last Friday we all went out to try this really lovely Japanese restaurant in Melbourne’s Chinatown named Shou Sumiyaki. :)
1 Whilst the restaurant does serve other foods like ramen and gyoza it specialises in sumiyaki style barbeque where you can order cuts of meat, fish and other sides (mushrooms, for example) and then you get to grill them yourself over the hot coal grills that are embedded into the dining tables. There are different sauces and seasonings, as well as entree dishes served to complement the grilled meal. Our group had miso soup, crab and oyster croquettes, tataki beef salad, as well as sashimi and fried salmon skins.  The whole experience is very interactive and being able to cook the food just the way you like it is that extra bit rewarding!
The restaurant staff were also just amazing. Our main waitress took our entire (7 person order) without writing anything down at all, just committing all our requests and changes to memory–amazing.
2One of my favourite aspects of the experience was the fact that many of my friends don’t have a large amount of experience with Japanese food at all. I lived in Japan while I was on exchange there, so for me it was really super nostalgic and I enjoyed everything immensely. There were a few occasions where I had to try and explain how a certain food tasted, how you were meant to eat it, or even reassuring some of the more uncertain members of our group that everything would taste good, and not to be too scared :P

We followed everything up with Japanese crepes at Harajuku Crepes, which are my absolute favourite, and a real crowd pleaser. :)

As I type I’m literally taking a short break from packing my things for my stay in the city until next week. I’ll be working at Melbourne’s Oz Comic Con again this year as a vollie, and bump in begins tomorrow :P I’m staying at a friend’s apartment in the city to make the early starts a little less daunting, but there’s plenty of chocolate and sugar packed to keep us all going! Aaaah packing!

avatarMuch love,
Datsu xox


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