Crochet Crocodile Stitch Gloves

Hey WordPress :D
Let me share another crochet project I just completed…

Crocodile Stitch Gloves

So I actually made a set of these a while ago (probably the second crochet thing I ever made and finished for myself), and wore them to my Easter trip to Melbourne Zoo. That same day a friend of mine wondered if I could make her a pair that would match a scarf her mother had made her.
The gloves come from the same pattern that can be found in this video by Meladora’s Creations on Youtube :) Especially early on (and even now) I preferred to have video patterns to follow along with, as written patterns are still quite confusing and differ quite a bit depending on the system of terminology the creator uses.
I am just SO proud now though, as compared to the very first set I made, these gloves are just FAR improved, and I’m a little bit sad to be giving them away now :P
(Kindly and enthusiastically modeled by my mum! Click for bigger images)
gloves 1gloves 2gloves 3

I’m also working on a lattice work poncho from a pattern that a friend of mine found on Ravelry, and I’m probably 6-8 weeks into it now. I’m almost seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and AAAHH. I think I dislike long term projects because you get a bit sick of the process after a while, especially something so repetitive. :P
However, it’s the first large item I’ve made, which is pretty cool. (Pics will come when that’s complete).

I also have super exciting news. I FINISHED MY READING CHALLENGE. ALREADY. WOW. I’m probably going to be rambling about that in the next book post, so you’ve been warned!

-Datsu xox


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