Book & Video Game Promotions!

meeeHey WordPress,
This is a pretty late upload for me, as the last week has been really emotionally taxing, and a lot more stressful than I could have accounted for. I’ve had to do a lot of travel and just found that by the end of the week, I was worn down and emotionally exhausted that my anxiety just got the better of me. I was then forced to take a few days off just to gather myself again, and it’s just a wonder how much good a break can do, and here’s what I got up to…

book day As an opening promotion for the new Robinsons Bookshop store, a contest was held called Win a Blind Date with a Book– and I was one of the winners! As our prize, we got to pick from a selection of mystery books based  solely on the 3 descriptive words written on the wrapping. I saw the word whimsical at the very top of one and just went for it :D Whimsical, glimmering & unfurling. Each book was also a new release, so we didn’t need to worry so much about the possibility of doubling up on books! I unwrapped mine, and behold! The Bird’s Child by Sandra Leigh Price. I hadn’t actually heard of the novel at all, but after a quick flick through, found that the story is actually set in Sydney. After a brief look at some user reviews on Goodreads, I also noticed that the novel has been described as fantasy and contemporary, and that excites me even more. I’m super intrigued and look forward to reading it :D Thanks Robinsons Bookshop and Harper Collins Australia for donating the books for the promotion! (Also super pumped that there is another bookstore for me to visit now….)

As a part of another promotion, due to our local EB Games store closing down, I received a voucher for 20% anything in our next most local store, and decided that I would finally pick up Fantasy Life as most of my friends have been raving about it for some time now.

So that was all pretty cool. It was nice to have a day to treat myself a bit (and get a whole bunch of errands out of the way). I work on weekends now so I like to get all the big things done at the start of the week if I can. Also, themonthisnearlyoverwow. So fast. That means reading wrap-up this coming weekend, and new reading goals. (Also means I should pay my phone bill. Sigh.)

With much love,
Datsu xox


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