Finally, finally the April challenge surfaces! I had meant to upload this on Friday but well, other stuff happened!

Draw Something Everyday

Click to see the larger image on my deviantART page

This month was a little bit of a struggle for me creatively. I volunteered at Melbourne’s Supanova convention, then spent a week mentally recovering from that, only to spend the next two weeks sick on and off :P Whereas last month I felt that I really had a rhythm going in terms of setting aside time to draw each day, I felt that I really had to force myself to put pen to paper this month. I think this is another good reason to be completing this challenge this year, as if I hadn’t been, I likely wouldn’t have drawn a single thing all month.

This month’s doodles feature characters from Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy show (went to see him LIVE during the comedy festival), Animal Crossing: New Leaf (because I’ve been playing that a lot, note the ‘map’ of my town in the top right) and a couple of bunnies (because Easter). There were also a lot of sweaters and flowers, just because.

-Datsu xox


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