So I saw a few people doing this tag on tumblr, so I wanted to have a go :D

This or That!

Physical book or e-book?
Truthfully, I prefer the feel and experience of reading a physical book. I get to admire the cover and use a pretty bookmark, and physically see how many pages I’ve read. I also love being able to see the books I’ve collected on my bookshelf :) That being said, I read the majority of my books on e-reader, as they’re cheaper and I can also borrow e-books from my library which is super convenient. Physical books also don’t travel as well, and I’m scared they’ll get bent or damaged in some other way. It’s nice to be able to take a large number of books with me on a trip, but not have to worry about the extra space or weight :P

Audio or book in hand?
I haven’t really tried the audio book thing, mostly because I find that even when I’m just listening to a short podcast, my mind unintentionally wanders and then I realise I have no idea what’s been said for the last ten minutes! I might give it a go in future though, since I hear that some narrators do a fantastic job.

Adult or young adult?
Young adult all the way! I mean, I read both. I read everything short of maybe crime and thriller/horror stuff, but I just find that the books I’ve enjoyed the most exist within the YA category. The writing style and content is often just the most entertaining for me.

Series or standalones?
I’m probably going to say series, because I’ve read a couple standalones that felt like they had so much more to give- I want to know more about the world and it’s characters and there’s just not enough space in one single standalone novel!

Dog ears or bookmarks?
Not even a real question. Bookmarks. Bookmarks. It makes me cringe when I see a dog ear or rip on the page of a book I really love. It makes me feel bad, even if I’m not the one who committed the crime.

Borrow or buy?
Borrow, and then buy. 90% of the time at least. Largely because I don’t have that much money to throw around (cry), so I try to just buy the books I really love, and know that I’ll want to read again.

Bookstore or online?
Online the majority of the time, because books are insanely expensive in Australia (especially hardcover). But there’s nothing like being in a real live bookstore.

Fiction or non-fiction?
Fiction. No contest. I’m a fantasy/sci-fi/little bit romance person.

Fantasy world or real life issues?
Fantasy world. Nothing like something totally unreal to escape from your own reality :P

Kindle, iPad or other eReader?
I own a Kobo eReader, because it was pretty cheap and accepted all kinds of ebook formats– allowing me to buy my ebooks on itunes or upload my own pdfs and stuff. Super convenient for me :) The phone app is a bit meh though.

Monster read or short and sweet?
   Between Monster and Short, I definitely prefer short…but really I have a sweet spot in between the two. Giant books are intimidating, and I get a bit restless reading the same genre for too long, but short books can be a bit unsatisfying.

Starry eyed romance or full of action?
Action. I enjoy a good romance, but I prefer it to be a part of a larger, over-arching storyline, with time for characters to develop. Super duper romance can come across as a bit shallow sometimes (in my experience).

Curl up in a snuggie or bathe in the sun?
Bathe in the goddamn sun! I like to be warm and wrapped up in a doona in the winter and all, but nothing beats reading in my garden on a warm, sunny day. I’m like a cold-blooded reptile or something.

Read the review or decide for yourself?
Initially, books that are on my TBR end up there because I’ve heard a couple good reviews, or a friend has recommended them to me. I try not to read too many or too deeply into reviews though, because then those opinions tend to scare me off or spoil the story for me xD

For anyone that follows my Draw Everyday posts, I’ll have my April one up in the next day or so, I’ve just been a little…uhhh..super lazy. Oops. >.>


-Datsu xox


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