Hey WordPress, I hope you’re keeping well!

As promised, here’s the roundup of daily doodles for March–I think I was on quite a roll for a while there, and feel like all my little scribbles this past month depicts a lot of change (the weather getting colder, mostly) and a way for me to sometimes vent my frustrations, but overall I still feel like the vibe was a positive one.

Click to go to the larger image on my deviantArt

Doodles included fanart for the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf, lyrics from All Time Low in anticipation of their new album coming out in April, snowmen, gloves and blankets, because I dislike the cold, and lots of flowy hair, it seems.

(I can already tell you that April has been a bit of a slacking off month for me, due to me hardly spending any time in the house, and then falling down some stairs/getting the flu…There’s too many empty pages! >.> I feel the guilt rising steadily…

I have, however, been smashing through my GoodReads Challenge totals this month– having read 5 books already. At this stage, I’m trying to organize other books that I definitely want to read this year overall, to give me a better idea of the series’ that I really need to get stuck into, but the options are too overwhelming! :P Anyway, enough about that here….)


Much love,
Datsu xox


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