Good Evening WordPress :)

I’m hoping everyone has had a little time off this Easter, to celebrate with loved ones or just to take some time out for yourselves to relax. I did a bit of both, I think. I actually invested a good deal of energy into taking up writing again, and it’s really stuck with me these past few days–I’m even a bit impressed with myself. Writing has always been something that I’ve enjoyed on and off, but never really been able to get into much of a flow with. I think that the more that I read and learn about new authors and their approaches to writing, the more determined I become. Not sure if I’ll ever post much–if anything– here, but I may mention it from time to time?

Blog banner easterEaster began with a trip down to Melbourne Zoo on Good Friday– for a full day of glorious animal viewing and a wonderful picnic in the sun! We were quite fortunate because it was sunny, yet not overly hot, and just about all I could ask for when spending a day outdoors in Melbourne. :P We baked some cute little Easter cupcakes for the event– caramel topped with vanilla frosting, crushed caramel-toffee bits and broken up Easter eggs (so festive, we thought!).
Back at home we marathoned Skins season 1 and ate a dangerous amount of delicious chocolates (sorry not sorry), while I crocheted my little arms off trying to finish an infinity scarf I was making for my grandmother (my first proper crochet project ever!) I believe it was a success, because come Sunday, she was wearing it all about the place, and I thought it looked pretty good :)
Easter scarf 2easter scarf 1

If you’d like to give this same scarf a whirl; I got the pattern from the link below (originally intended as a shawl/regular flat scarf, but I just crocheted til my desired length and then joined the ends up)
>>Pineapple Stitch Scarf
I have henceforth been warned that crochet is quite addictive, and boy do I BELIEVE it. There’s all these new things to learn and projects I want to try, and aghh, I can’t decide at all :P

Anyways, that was more or less my Easter. Family gatherings are always….interesting, but overall, it was nice to relax. I finished a couple of my reading challenge books over the break (The Age of Miracles, Deltora Quest:The Forests of Silence and The Giver) and am going to attempt to find some time to read this weekend, but I’ll be volunteering at Supanova Expo Melbourne Friday/Saturday/Sunday with bump-in starting tomorrow, so…hey, you never know.


Wishing you love and hugs,
Datsu xox


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