Hi WordPress,

So yeah, Easter being this weekend, I’ve got a few things planned, but the week leading up to it has kind of been real whacky. Tough on the brain, crushing on the creativity, sort of thing. I think I’m coming up and out of it though?

We hit up the Melbourne International Comedy Festival last night, and that was pretty ace. I’ve had countless shows recommended to me already, so there’s plenty of motivation to go see more. As it stands, we’re seeing Arj Barker, Chris Taylor & Andrew Hansen, Noel Fielding, The Axis of Awesome and Dylan Moran (although I think the last two aren’t technically part of the festival arrangement this year). AoA is sort of a tradition though, so I highly recommend them if you’re in the area (they’re playing at The Comics Lounge I believe).

I’ve been struggling with productivity in general a bit though; the job hunt has hit a bit of a stale period, and the weather has recently turned a bit sour, so that’s left me cooped up inside a bit too much for my liking (Read: I require sunlight or I’ll go mad). Time passes just the same, and I think it’s more that I no longer feel productive without some kind of day to day purpose to drive me. However, as I said, I kind of feel like I’m back on the incline, so that’s a good sign. :P

I’ve been scouring the interwebs for crochet tutorials, and picking up new skills here and there, and I think that’s going pretty well, actually. After Easter there will definitely be a post on the things I’ve been making! My sister has even decided to take up knitting -it’s never agreed with me personally- but it’s still pretty cool because between us we more or less have yarn crafts covered. As March has now ended, there’ll be another Draw Everyday collage, and my GoodReads Challenge for this month is already up on the blog.

Whatever you’re up to this Easter weekend, I hope it proves to be a happy and safe time for you and your loved ones. I know I’m aiming to spend it with the people who matter most to me, and that basically ensures that it’ll be a good time.


-xox Datsu


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