Evening WordPress. We’re only 3 weeks into Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, but the weather is already much more up-down than one might expect. Some days are surprisingly chilly, and others are still….humid? It’s hardly all that bad though; there’s still a decent amount of sun, so lounging in the garden with a good book isn’t out of the question yet. :)
The average temperature being on the decline, however, does mean that I’m gradually spending more and more time indoors under a blanket (mug of tea in hand). And so, I’ve been very fortunate recently, that a good friend of mine has been nice enough to teach me a bit about crocheting. I’ve been trying to learn on and off for a few years now (with no success), but this time, something just clicked! Woop!
So now I’m pouring over library books, scouring the web for crochet patterns, and planting myself in front of my laptop watching Youtube tutorials, as I try to absorb as much new info as I can.
Don’t let me fool you–I’m a super noob–and can’t seem to keep all my stitches together most of the time, but it’s still pretty exciting to have a new skill/hobby that I can really get into. I’m trying to learn a few different stitches and designs at the moment, but then I want to actually try and complete a real project (a scarf, or a doll maybe?).


[Above: Experiments crocheting Easter Eggs and a (kind of large?) Granny Square]

We’re not doing chocolate eggs in our household this year, so I was thinking maybe I could crochet a bunch, once I’ve mastered colour changing without the overall effect being a bit ‘oopsy’ looking. And then, maybe I could make a basket to put them in? :P
IMG_20150317_142420So that’s just some thoughts…I’m just a beginner but it’s pretty exciting. Wool is so soft and pretty too, and god knows how I get with new arty materials around @w@……


-Datsu xox


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