Good evening WordPress, I hope you’ve had a productive week. Myself, I’m completely exhausted in and of myself :P It’s been a pretty busy/stressful/mentally draining but also largely successful (?) fortnight for me, and I think I’m still recovering.
In short, I’ve been a bit back and forth between job interviews and medical checks (which all round seem to be going okay) as well as keeping up our casual “training” for the fun run events we had planned this month. The first two mostly involve a lot of sitting around and waiting though, which I really could do without. It makes me a tad nervous and twitchy, you see, and I’ve started taking my eReader with me everywhere just for convenience sakes (which is a bit win-win so *shrug*).
Oh, but other things have happened, too….

Neon Run 2015

IMG_20150223_171524Neon Run is a 5km charity-fun run and night festival event. The festival begins in the early evening; DJs, foodstalls, sponsor activities (namely Zorbs!) body paint and the like, and after the sun sets the run begins! There were all different music & activity zones to go through (most notably the silent disco and foam zones), but our favourite was the UV light zone that made all our neon clothes and body paint really POP. We got given neon sharpies by the event organizers, and discovered that those were like voodoo magic (there was much drawing on skin involved!). I do wish that the run had maybe been 10km instead of just 5km, but it was all great fun! The event also takes place during Melbourne’s White Night festival, so it provided a good chance to actually go and check that out as well. [Pictured on the left: Neon Run team 2015!]

White Night Melbourne

For the last two years that White Night has been run in Melbourne, I’ve had work commitments that sort of stopped me really exploring the event much. It’s a city-wide arts and cultural festival centered around light projections with interactive media & music activities, that has the city taking in the same kinds of crowds as New Years Eve, basically. This year I had to choose between Soundwave (Read: Massive music festival where a bunch of my favourite artists were playing @-@) and Neon Run (No regrets though, it was 36C for the better part of the day). However! White Night is city-wide, so I still got to had a bit of a look at some of the displays, and mostly enjoyed various friends sending me photos from the event. Even so, we didn’t make it onto a homeward bound train until around 2am, so I’m thankful that we decided not to camp it out with the city crowds.

1424472177642[The Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building on White Night–Image source: Herald Sun]

Color Run Grand Prix

color run blogI’m not sure if we truly realized how close these two runs really were when we signed up for them in January, but well, the next run is just 6 days away now (eeesh). Colour Run Grand Prix is also at Albert Park–and is also 5km again– but this time, in the daylight :P
Note: Our lil’ team at ColorRun 2014 (which has now grown to almost 3x the size :D)
Still sleeping off the last run-party hangover, but I’m more than ready to take this on too! Much excite. I encourage people to get out there and try out these sorts of events, they’re low pressure and just a really great time.

Next time: Working with Dylusions distress inks & my GoodReads Challenge for March!


-Datsu xox


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