Draw Everyday- January

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Draw Something Everyday

Now that it’s February, I felt it was about time to present my first collection of Draw Everyday pieces from last month.
CSC_0002You may recall this shot I shared late last year. Well now, it finally comes into play! I bought a Draw Something Everyday book/journal from a local stationery store, and held off starting it until Jan 1st. Now that it’s officially February, I figured that I could do a quick summary of my sketches and random doodles around the end of each month, like I’m about to do!:

[To view at a higher resolution, click the image to go to my DeviantArt page]
It’s actually pretty interesting to be able to go back over each drawing. I tried not to pressure myself into creating anything huge or time consuming each time I picked up the book, so I could just sort of do what I felt. I think this prevented me from running into a massive art block, or seeing the whole project as another chore. Also not going to punish myself for days missed, although I do try to avoid them (only 3 this month!).
Even though sometimes I would just draw something that was sitting nearby, or a quick little figure or whatever, it still tells a bit of a story of where I was at this month. There are quotes from books I’ve read, lyrics from music I listened to, and the “Title” tends to be a one-liner pertaining to something I did on that day.
I ate pancakes and had to translate the menu into Japanese for my friends, I went to Theobroma comic meetings, I picked up an old project “Faith” and then had doubts about whether or not I was still capable of the same style of writing (only to find out pretty quickly that I was)…all little memories that I derive from seemingly meaningless sketches.

So that’s my first wrap-up from Draw Everyday. It’s nice to have a bit of a summary to look at :) I’m going to go start on an art lesson now,
-Datsu xox


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