Evening WordPress :) It’s a cool summer night here in Melbourne, and I’m enjoying a little bit of peace while it lasts.
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, you might say. My head was in completely the wrong place, and I felt like a dream I’d had but could not at all remember was to blame. But, then again, I have a lot of trouble sleeping, so it could just be all that catching up to me at last. Anywho. Kicking my brain into gear, something that gets a little easier with practice, I launched into today’s tasks. Not completing nearly as much as I’d wanted, but laying good groundwork, I can still call it an all-around success.

LifeBook this Week

DSC_0021This week’s page (from Tamara Laporte’s April lesson last year) is entitled Quirky Animals. The motivation behind this lesson was to take a moment to think about your current state. Emotionally, physically, the things happening around you in your life…and then associate those  attributes with quirky animal characters. This follows on from the idea that recognizing these things also helps you to process and deal with them, whether good or bad, it’s good to accept they exist. I’ve heard similar advice before from my own councilor in the past, so I thought it’d be nice to do. Having started this page at the beginning of the week, here’s what I had:

3[Otter: Playful , Red Panda: Adventurous , Sloth: Tired ]
2[Elephant: Pensive, Dog: Excited ]


I really, really enjoyed this one, although it took me quite some time to finish. I’ve been out and about so much lately I feel like there’s parts of my brain all over the place, and I need a bit of a time out. Art is really therapeutic, but so is getting outside and running until it’s dark, so I don’t have to think or worry too much.

Neon Run 2015

I’m almost completely positive I haven’t talked about our next run yet….but here it is! Our little group of runners has doubled in size since November last year, and now we have nine runners all up for the next event in February.

Neon Run Melbourne

Yep! So Neon Run is a 5km charity/fun run similar to the Color Run we did last year, except this one takes place at night, with glowsticks and a silent disco and so forth :D It’s great to have a goal to work toward again, and I can see the people I usually jog with becoming increasingly motivated too. Our charity organization this year is Beyond Blue.

So that’s it for this week, really. Recovering from my leg injury still, and I like to imagine my brain is sort of limping, too. :P
And, if you’re looking for something to read this week, I’m reading Alexandra Bracken’s Never Fade. (Book #2 in the Darkest Minds trilogy. It’s fantastic.)


Til next week, Datsu xox


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