Hey all, I hope life’s treating you well. <3 Today’s post is just an update of what I’ve been up to this past week or so, as I’ve been out in the real world having adventures in the summer sun, and my sketchbooks remain a bit (but not entirely) neglected.

Australian Open 2015

TENNISWith a little nudge from a friend who knows the Open quite well, I finally, finally, acquired a ground pass for the first day of matches at Melbourne Park. It was brilliant! Mostly it was great to know someone who could do all the navigating and planning while I got to sort of just sit back and enjoy everything that was happening around us. It was also my first time inside of Hisense Arena, where we watched Bernard Tomic play (audience of 9000 people on the first day). To be honest, the best part was probably the Fanatics, crazy, loud, and very inventive fans with a huge ensemble of chants prepared for each Australian player. Very, very entertaining, and really they just added to the overall experience.

AFC Asian Cup- Japan Vs Jordan

AFC CUPThis match was actually the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve always wanted to see Japan’s national soccer team play live, as they are my all time favourite, and this was my last chance to see them play locally (for the foreseeable future). At this stage, they’ve made it to the Quarterfinals, which are supposed to be broadcast on our local network, but everything before that focused solely on the Australian team matches (who are nowhere near as fun to watch, so boo). Twenty five thousand people attended the match, and probably 90% of which were Samurai Blue supporters :) Although Japan played really well, and won (of course), the real highlight was when the team walked over to their supporters, lined up, and bowed to us (!). Really I think we just started crying after that :P We were just so incredibly glad that we had the chance to see them play live.

Works in progress…

art shotsTheobroma stuff is coming along, so I’ll have a few sketches along with a LifeBook page up in a day or so :)


-Datsu xox


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