Evening WordPress,
This week I had intended to have for you another LifeBook piece, buuuut as realised yesterday, I have a couple of important deadlines rapidly, rapidly approaching that I actually really have to attend to oops.
I’ve been absolutely slammed at HQ, and am recovering from some injuries at the moment, so have lost a bunch of time I needed for stuff to happen in D: What I’m basically saying is that instead of a mixed media related update, today’s post is just a peak at the page I’m working on for Theobroma at the moment. Do forgive me :P

Theobroma progress

Page 3 Cappy, Tea[Above; Cappy (left) and Tea (right), probably the most balanced individuals of the whole affair, relatively speaking. Cappy is a sassy, no-nonsense bundle of curves, whilst Tea is the tall (well, she’s like 5’10”), quiet, boot to your face. Also occasionally a gothic-punk, with some sweet threads.]
Page 3 SER[Above; Ser’s got attitude, and that’s all you really need to know. Well, not all. She has quite a few other things going for her, but it’s early days to be talking about that, so let’s just stick with the attitude and explosive things.]

And on the blog…

We have a map! The majority of the story will be taking place in a kooky sort of post-apocalyptic Australia that we’ve invented for ourselves. One in which no current survivors have ever seen a world map, and foreign concepts like ‘America’ and ‘Peru’ have fallen victim to our twisted slang, reinvented as a part of this new world’s landscape.

Next week

Not gonna lie, I don’t know what’s going to happen with the blog next week, though I do hope to have something nice up and ready to go. But. A lot of things are going on between now and then, and the writer’s meeting for Theobroma is sort of smack dab in the middle so that’s probably going to take priority at this stage. Maybe a real life adventure post, since that’s what I’ll be out doing. I’m actually so excited I can’t even begin to say :P


-Datsu xo


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