Introducing Theobroma

theobroma panel 1I’d like to introduce to you one of the projects that I’m lucky to be a part of this year. Theobroma, the brainchild of 3 other artists (Charlie, Steph, Ian) and myself, is a result of the desire to spin all our creative, emotional energies from the tough year we’ve all had, into something productive and hopefully, comedic and loveable. I think we’re all at a point right now where it’d be nice to have a constant project, something to keep working on throughout the year, and that we can all put our names to. And so, that project has become known as Theobroma:
“Based on the illogical thought content of our minds, we bring to you a futuristic post-apocalyptic story, entwined with comedy, romance, brute force and gore. Something something.”
There’s already a blog set up specifically for the comic, as we near the start of it’s online release, though it is still a bit early days. Whilst Theobroma will mostly consist of one-off stories that revolve around various characters, there will also be an over-arching plot that follows our unintentional ‘good guys’ taking on the real bad baddies. It will also be special because, as most of us want to use the comic as an opportunity to build on our skills, chapters will vary in art style as different artists present each new story, and some may even be entirely text based. We’re hoping this will allow the story to grow a bit more organically, as lots of ideas pool and congregate over on the blog site. Of course, we’re hoping to organize the blog so that it will still be easy for readers to pick up and have some sense of what the hell’s going on. :P
I assure you we have been busy busy working away, and the first couple chapters are already taking shape. Our new characters are all fresh and kick-ass, and very much loveable for all their bumps and curves :).

Lifebook this Week

As I previously mentioned, I took part in LifeBook 2014, and whilst 2015 is now underway, trying to graduate and working over the summer meant that I haven’t nearly completed all the 2014 classes, so I’ll still be beavering away at those for a while.
As such, this week’s LifeBook lesson comes from one in March of last year, this time lead by Lifebook creator and artist; Tamara Laporte. I greatly respect her as an artist and a person, because I feel that she has such a unique take on what art is and can be, and her perspective on the world around her. All of her lessons are infused with exercises in positive thinking and self-healing through our own personal struggles, and while they are often subtle components of the course, I feel they have already helped me overcome many of my own personal demons.
This class in particular involved collaging over a magazine photo and working various elements into one piece. I’ve never been much of a collage-er before, but the couple times I’ve tried it now, I’ve made so much mess but had a really great time of it.

Collage over Photo blog[A/N: Clicking on the image will take you to a higher-res version on my deviantart]
I was going for quite a different style, as the process required as to paint over a face from a magazine clipping, however I really struggled with the features. I think the main reason for this was due to the class calling for clear gesso, to make it easier to paint and draw over the magazine and collage portions, which I didn’t have. Instead, I subbed this out for matte medium, which I think helped a little, but probably didn’t cover as well as gesso might have.
I really enjoyed the collage in general though, all up I used leftover tissue paper, napkins, clippings left over from last week’s lifebook page, magazine clipping, white gesso, watercolour pencils and acrylic paint. Collage is actually very easy to do, but does get messy very quickly.


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