Wooooo New Art…Finally!! :D

Continuing on with Life Book lessons from last year, I just completed one from last March (yes I’m gloriously behind, because life gets in the way sometimes) taught by Dyan Reavely (she’s insanely funny, bless her!). She uses a lot of inks in her work, specifically Dylusions Spray Inks which are all very vibrant and just gorgeous. I really enjoyed the lesson, and it probably took around 45 minutes to complete this page? Sorry it’s quite dark; something about strong colour and my camera don’t play all that nice :P
stars journal 2[Original image can be clicked to go to my deviantArt gallery]
Stars detail blog
The brief basically involved writing a ‘diary entry’ to yourself on a separate sheet of paper, and then incorporate that into the work so that it became virtually illegible, yet still personal. Since the lesson took place in the spring, the sample piece included flowers and spring motifs, but to put my own spin on it all, I used stars and a moon since they’re both designs I’ve always liked, and are super simple to draw. Overall I really liked the feel of this style. It’s hard to go wrong with the inks, which both blend and react to water, so you can do many things with them.

dylusions[Pictured: Some of the inks I own, I just used a green, dark blue and purple for the background, along with a dark yellow/orange for the stars]

If you’re interested in joining Life Book, or just curious for more information, you can check it all out here. It’s a wonderful program, that caters to just about anyone, regardless of age and ability, and I do recommend taking just a peak :) Coincidentally, the 2015 course is just about to launch…just in case you were wondering! ;D

-Datsu xox


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