Merry Christmas (and Happy Boxing Day) !!

The weather on Christmas Day here was literally about as perfect as you could imagine a  Christmas in the summer to be. Sunny, clear, not too hot nor cold. Light breeze, and just beautiful. My Christmas job has officially ended, and as I’ve literally been working since my last exam day, it feels like my holidays have only just begun. Somewhere in that short but hectic space of time I’d somehow managed to graduate and actually complete my Christmas shopping. (Like seriously, how?)

All set for 2015…

This past month nearly everyone I’ve spoken to has mistaken it to already be 2015, and I myself am just about ready for this year to be done. 2014 was not the year I thought it would be, in both the worst and best senses. I’m ready for it to end though, and to start super new, fresh things next year.
One of my most enduring life loves alongside art supplies is stationery. Buying a planner for the new year is like a ritual that I undertake every year, and invest an excessive amount of time carefully weighing options and deciding on one that suits my needs until I finally commit. I’ve also recently bought a daily drawings book that I’m trialling next year as a part-joke (like haha, will I really draw more?) and part optimism. My goals and hobbies are ever changing right now, but I think having a little low-stakes routine like this might be good for me, so I figure hey, give it a go. CSC_0002

Feeling positive about the new year, and all the adventures that are going to take place.
-Datsu xox


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