I can’t believe that Christmas is already next week…

It’s mental. I think to me, Christmas almost represents this notion of a holiday that you can always look forward to, yet is eternally far away. But here it is, just within grasp! Along with that, I’ll be finishing up my position at my Christmas job, and then I’ll be out of work again. It’s had ups and downs, but I’m so so glad that I decided to take a chance and put myself on the line creatively. I’ve met so many different people in such a short time, and all of them very passionate and directed in the way that they choose to devote their best efforts and time. In just this short month I’ve found myself really looking at my present situation and future ahead in a very different, more open-minded way. I’ve struggled ceaselessly for god only knows how long to find my true passion, my life goals, what I can contribute to the world, and whilst I haven’t found those things yet, I’ve come to view the journey in a very new, positive way. For this, I only have my colleagues, customers and new friends to thank. You may not even know it, and I don’t know how I can ever repay you, but thank you.

“2014 is almost over and…”

Ā ->I moved house
->Left my job
->Started to read, and create art again
->Got a Christmas job
->Saved up some money
->Graduated (still cannot believe it)
->Cried a lot
->Laughed a lot
->Drastically changed my lifestyle
->Got fitter
->Became more forward thinking
->Actually completed a 5km marathon (and plan to do it again, and again)
->Became a stronger person (I’m amazed at the things I can get up and do now, that I couldn’t do twelve or even six months ago)

These are all things that I’m so very, very proud of. I’m also proud to say that I’m already compiling new ideas and adventures for next year, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever done. I’m so excited.

Blog-Contact Page

Contact Picture Blog
Though I uploaded the new contact page image shortly after I last mentioned it, I thought it should be brought to the attention of anyone interested enough to see. At this stage, the images around the site are mostly for my own benefit, and thus it was great to have such a low pressure task to complete. Good fun, and going to keep it for a nice long while. :)
As it was just for the site, I didn’t feel too pressured to complete it to a definite schedule, and therefore finished it pretty quickly. Good fun, and going to keep it for a nice long while I believe.

Christmas Baking

gingerbread house blogAll hail the gingerbread house! Sister and I slaved over our fantastic creation for a good long while today, because we were so set on having a gingerbread filled Christmas, and most of our family isn’t into that sort of holiday baking. We’re pretty chuffed with the result, but we can’t bring ourselves (or our teeth) to eat it. The plan is to bring it along with us on Christmas Day, and let whoever is ready and willing hack at it. At least that way there’s a bit of time for people to actually witness and appreciate the effort we put in :P We also made a huge batch of gingerbread cookies earlier in the week, which will be our contribution to the Christmas Day snack spread at the family table. So much gingerbread! :D

Next Week

Next week I take a look at some work I did throughout 2014, and share the new projects I’ll be tackling head-on in January. So much planned, so much to do! I’m so very excited at this point in time, and I can’t wait to share it all.


-Datsu xox


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