Evening all, wherever you are right now. It’s been a long, bumpy sort of week this week, and my body is just as exhausted as can be. Not sure if it’s glitter in my eyes or I’m just that tired, but hey, that’s where I’m at right now.

Christmas Work

Am rapidly learning a lot of new lessons (some good, some bad, but all quite useful). I’m learning a bit about what it’s like to sell your own artwork, and to receive criticism and judgement on the final product (at least, work I’m actually producing for a company, although it’s not quite at the labor-of-love level of say, full size artworks or anything). I feel like it’s sort of a small, small taste of what freelancing or working for a client might be like, since everyone has specific tastes and aesthetic inclinations even though you might be creating to a set guideline (such as the script the company wants us to use for personalizing the baubles, or our own art styles), and buyers might still expect you to change certain things. Even though these baubles aren’t solely my own production from start to finish, I still get a bit attached to them and my sense of creative worth still sits in a vulnerable position. It’s been a real learning experience so far.
blog names

Bit of Art

blog sketchI’ve tried to sketch a bit this week, just small, non complicated doodles here and there. This is mostly because I’m still working away at Christmas illustrations for some close friends and that’s all on the down-low still.


In other great news, the AFC Asian Cup hits Australia in January, and our tickets arrived today :3. Normally I’m not a huge sports fan, but occasionally I really enjoy watching soccer in person (and sometimes tennis on TV when the tournament is here in the Summer). Since there was an actual international soccer tournament here, I thought it’d be pretty nice to go. It’s not a hugely popular sport in this country, but I don’t like Australian Football very much at all, so I seized my chance to give it a go.

Here’s hoping that the next week brings everyone new opportunities and better things. Love, hugs, and glitter,
avatar -Datsu xo


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