Morning everyone :)
Exhausted after the week I just had, and I’ve had a rough morning so I don’t have a lot of energy today. However, I’m trying my best to not let it go to waste. Here’s a little overview of what I did during the week:

Art in Progress

This week I began work on the comission pieces I’m being tasked with doing for a friend’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Novel. She’s been working relentlessly on her post-apocalyptic/zombie/romance/tragedy story (?), and I’m doing my best to enhance her work with illustrative inserts. It’ll basically involve one or two pencil sketches per chapter, all in grey with a highlight of colour here and there. I agreed pretty cautiously, but am actually enjoying the process a lot, and it’s pushing me to draw and work at things that I otherwise would never have. (Pictures to come)

contact wip

Aside from the traditional stuff, I’m working on updating my contact page image with something a little cleaner and nicer than the little doodle I’ve got sitting there now. It shouldn’t take too long, so I figured it was a good time to finish up the site images before I start on the homemade presents I want to make for my close friends for Christmas this year.

Christmas Work


So I know it’s not even December yet, but my Christmas job started about a fortnight ago now. I’m working as a Casual for a Christmas decoration company doing personalization on glass baubles. Above are some shots I took on Thursday since the shift was really quiet that night. I’m pretty chuffed with some of the baubles I’ve done, and the last shot is one of the Christmas display that is up at one of the shopping centres I work at (it has LED polar bears!). It’s a good job and I enjoy the work quite a bit, even if I come home each night looking like I bathed in glitter :P.


->Christmas Sketches
->NaNoWriMo Illustrations


-Datsu xo


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