That’s it, I’ve finished everything I was supposed to finish in order to graduate! (So long as I passed all my exams that is, but it’s looking good). I completed my last exam yesterday, and started my new Christmas job bright and early today. Lots of new things!

New Art


New images for the blog are up and coming, primarily this one to the left, which will replace the little place holder I’ve currently got on the ‘contact’ page.

And I finally completed my digital ID card for my profile on deviantART.
(Can be viewed at higher resolution here)
I’m hoping to fiddle around with this piece a bit, and use it as a base for a new header/banner for the blog as well.
(So as you can see, alot of prep work, really).

                                                                     Up and Coming:

-During the next week will begin working on a few Christmas pieces (may or may not post up here)
-New banner for the site
-New contact page image
-Info on NaNoWriMo Illustrations (stay tuned!)

->Oh also, I should mention, I’m running a marathon this weekend. I’m not sure why, but there’s going to be some twenty thousand people involved, apparently. That’s slightly nerve-wracking.

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