Spent most of the past weekend doing some admin things; clearing out old files and organizing things for the blog and even the Youtube channel. Prioritizing and preparing. Really time consuming, but it should pay off in the long run. Everything’s tidier and much more accessible now, and it feels good to be organized.

I’ve also committed a fair bit of time to updating my DeviantART account and clearing out the gallery. I’ve been on dA for a good seven years now, and it was really starting to show. My last artist ID was from early, early 2013, and I figured it was about the right time to create a new one.

wip id
I haven’t so much as touched a digital art program in god knows how long, so I’m actually pretty chuffed at the results so far. Yeah, pretty satisfied. I’d really like to work digitally more often- start simple and slowly learn more and more in terms of illustrating and painting with my tablet.
Datsu    wip stat box

Overall it’s going to be pretty straight and simple, as I’m going to eventually turn the ID art into a wallpaper for my laptop, and I’m aiming for a real clean look. Even the ‘info box’ will be pretty basic, as above. It’s all a work in progress still, but overall I like it :)


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