so prettyThe weather is just brilliant today. 32 degrees (I’m told that’s like 90 F?) and it’s heeeeaven. I’m being looked at weird amongst my friends, as they’re all winter-by-the-fire type people, whereas I’m most definitely cold-blooded. It’s unusually warm for spring though, Melbourne’s weather went from Winter-Summer without much of a transition in between, so I get why some people are struggling a little.

Finished another exam today, and the weather was just an added bonus. Just one more left after the weekend. Just one. Just want it over and done wiiiiiith.

To take my mind off of things, I worked on this little baby for a bit:
step 2The character is covered in a layer of gesso just to prep and lighten the line art, and the background is just about how I want it, so the skin tone can all go on there tomorrow :) .

-Datsu xo


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