ElfOne exam down, two to go. Six days left. Eager but terrified, oh gosh.

In between studying for my next exam, I sketched a little. Or a lot. Procrastination is a major problem for me, depending on how you look at it. Sketching is generally therapeutic, but sometimes I suspect it just frustrates me more.

The content I’m studying at the moment is just so dry though (two grammar exams in a row), that the chance to do anuything else felt like a welcome relief. (I’m just about bouncing in my seat ready to go for a good jog right about now).

I’m thinking this elf-type girl could become a nice ink piece, and maybe the first start to finish work that will be seen here on my blog, before anywhere else. New blog, new piece, and so forth. Lots of new things lately. Although, since there’s not a huge amount of detail going on, maybe something traditional and mixed media would be more favorable. I’m liking the huge eyes though.


-Datsu xo



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