2014-10-28 16.49.44This is essentially my final week of University studies, and I have just 3 exams between myself and (more or less) freedom. I’m so ready to graduate, I can’t even bring myself to study (oops). Now I have said ‘freedom’,  although I’ll be working 5 days a week throughout the Christmas Break. My main plans for the next couple of months are basically going to revolve around splitting up my time between working, starting this blog, setting up a new Youtube channel, and working out media and system requirements in terms of photographing and filming the art I create.

I want to document as much as possible the supplies I use and what I find to do with them, as well as learn how to best organize this site and the my channel. In terms of Youtube, although I’m no expert, I’d actually like to use it to film tutorials and art journaling that I’m thinking of doing. I feel like by getting my work out there, no matter what level it is at right now, I’ll be more motivated to explore further and further, and will hopefully become exposed to others who can share ideas and constructive criticism. I’m still trying to complete the LifeBook 2014 course at , and if time allows I’ll definitely blog about that some.

Essentially, the more ambitious I can be, the better. At this point in my journey I need art to take over my life (sorta).

Of course, I may decide that I utterly hate it. In which case, nothing lost, nothing gained?

avatar -Datsu xo


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